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A Word to Worriers

Dear E & V, I’m not a worrier, but I am. I have friends and family that worry much more than I do. I like to think I provide them with a sense of calm, that the world isn’t as scary as they think it is. It’s not that I don’t have worries, I do.…

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Making the Best of Boredom

Dear E & V, Your life is defined as much as what you do as what you do when there is nothing to do. Boredom can be demotivating and energy-sapping, or it can be the path to a rich and rewarding life… My life has been defined by the itch to always be doing —…

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“Action Cures Fear”

Dear E & V, In your life you will encounter two types of fear: Good fear. It’s the fear you experience in those rare instances where your life is in danger and it gets you out of trouble. Like coming across a pissed off grizzly bear or pulling yourself from a burning car wreck. Bad…

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