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I am a Father, Husband, Cowboy Philosopher, Volunteer Firefighter, and Professional Dilettante. I am nothing and I am everything. But when it comes to our relationship: I only wish you wonder and happiness.

What now, Dad?

Dear E & V, A wise man once told me, “Before they turned 18 I was a father to my kids. After they turned 18 I became their friend.” Ever since I heard that quote it’s been a guiding principle in my parenting. And it became more poignant ever since your Grandpa died. I’m at…

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Victim Signaling

Dear E & V, In the course of your life you will encounter a special kind of person that’s regularly nicknamed “The One-Upper”. These are people who, consciously or unconsciously, feel the need to out-do your accomplishments and experiences. Just go on a vacation to Ireland? They went to Ireland AND Scotland. Just bag a…

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The Delightful Hell of Hedonism

Dear E & V, There comes a time in many people’s lives where they throw off the yoke of parental oppression and revel in their new found freedom. For some this is college, for others it’s living on their own, and for others it’s partying in their parents’ basement (where they live). There is no…

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A Letter From Your Son

Dear Dad, It was a year ago today that I watched your life slip away as I held your hand. I remember the tears streaming down my face as your breathing slowly stopped and your heart stopped beating. I don’t know if you were conscious for it, but you had a lot of people who…

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Our own worst enemy

Dear E & V, I gave up reading the news about two years ago, sometime in February of 2018. I don’t tell a whole lot of people that — especially if they’re of a political or self-righteous bent — because in the past I was criticized for being willfully ignorant about the global state of…

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