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I am a Father, Husband, Cowboy Philosopher, Volunteer Firefighter, and Professional Dilettante. I am nothing and I am everything. But when it comes to our relationship: I only wish you wonder and happiness.

22 Books to Live By

Dear E & V, One of the great things about being human is our ability to communicate a message to someone without actually being there. That’s the whole point of these letters to you (though I do hope to chat about them with you when you read them), and the main point of books. Books…

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Science The God

Dear E & V, I like science. Western society venerates science. Both of those sentences are loaded with meaning, and they don’t necessarily mean the same thing. Western society likes to put anything having to do with science and technology on a pedestal. We push kids into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers because…

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“F*ck You”

Dear E & V, “F*ck You”. Those are two words you should never EVER utter to anyone. But you will. You will because that’s what happens sometimes when we’re angry. We utter words that are meant to sting others because we’re not thinking of their impact. And someone WILL say them to you. Hopefully it’s…

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Beware of these bullsh*tters

Dear E & V, #zebrasaresuffering #lionsaremurderers #boycottlions I hope for your sake and the sake of society, no one uses hashtags by the time you’re old enough to understand their use. The use of hashtags is the modern manifestation of today’s behavior-to-be-avoided-if-you-are-a-virtuous-person: virtue signalling. Virtue signalling — like its sibling wealth signaling — is a…

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