Beware of these bullsh*tters

Dear E & V, #zebrasaresuffering #lionsaremurderers #boycottlions I hope for your sake and the sake of society, no one uses hashtags by the time you’re old enough to understand their use. The use of hashtags is the modern manifestation of today’s behavior-to-be-avoided-if-you-are-a-virtuous-person: virtue signalling. Virtue signalling — like its sibling wealth signaling — is a…

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A Brief on Grief

Dear E & V, It’s been over a month now since your Grandpa died, and a few months since I’ve last written to you. I’ve struggled to find the motivation to write these letters because I’ve been battling a sense of despair with my current career path; Grandpa’s death has motivated me to find ways…

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Your Job is a Joke

Dear E & V, Take a look at this list of post titles from Reddit’s job forum… “What the hell do I do with my life? Just graduated?” “When should I reach back out to a hiring manager about my interview status?” “Is it a bad sign if a company re-lists a job online after…

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